Terms and conditions

[Updated 05/02/2020]

Welcome to Egyptian National Railways Internet Reservation Service.

Following are the terms and conditions of the service. Please note that using the services implies the acceptance of the service Terms & Conditions

Please abide to the following rules:

  • For each train, there is a certain seats quota (maximum number of seats) for the Internet users.
  • Each user has a maximum of seats on each TRAIN in the same travelling day (5 for Alexandria route and 4 for upper Egypt).
  • Each user has a maximum of seats per travelling DAY (10 for Alexandria route and 8 for upper Egypt).
  • The seats quota is applied when the user checks available seats or reserves tickets.
  • Any attempt to pass this limit (as a user account or credit card) will result in cancelling the WHOLE transaction and the reservation money value will be returned to the credit card.
  • Service expenditures are defined in the pricing system and pay for tickets issued through the Internet

Special Conditions

  • Please do NOT use "F5" or REFRESH or the "BACK" button of the browser when you fail at the BANK, otherwise you may expose yourself to double payment or get false results.
  • If you face a problem after payment at the bank and the "Receipt page" was not displayed then please check your email for the next 12 hours. If you didn't receive the success email with the payment information then please call customer services or email ENR (support@enr.gov.eg) to check it further (just mention your login user-name and the date of transaction). Please note that there will be no refund after the travel date even if you didn't use the service.
  • No refund for air-condition malfunction, sorry for that

1- General Conditions

  • The charge of this service is 4% on each ticket.
  • The system only supports full-fare tickets, i.e. no halfs or free tickets.
  • The payment can be done using only VISA and MasterCard credit cards.
  • Currently the system only supports local credit cards(issued in Egypt).
  • Each credit card is limited to 3 successful reservations per day.
  • For security reasons the user has to enter the correct card information in a maximum of 15 minutes and is allowed only one trial, otherwise the transaction will be cancelled.

2- Traveling Process

  • The Main Traveler (MT) is the Web account owner that uses his/her credit card to reserve the tickets or a person relative to the card owner.
  • At the end of the reservation process on the Internet, the basic data (Reservation ID, train number, wagon number, seats numbers, the full passenger name (First name, Middle name and Surname) and National ID) is displayed on the screen and emailed to the user. Main traveler must write down or print the basic data.
  • At the station, Main traveler (and companions, if any) rides directly into the train.
  • Traveler must have the following required documents:
  • Case-1 : If Traveler is the owner of the account
    • The credit card that had been used at reservation and the Identity card
    • The reservation basic data (printed or hand-written, better to have it printed)
    Case-2 : if Traveler is NOT the owner of the credit card
    • Traveler formal ID (National ID card or Passport)
    • The credit card or a photocopy of the front face of the credit card that has been used in the Internet reservation
    • The reservation basic data (printed or hand-written, better to have it printed)

  • General Conditions :
  • The Train Conductor checks the documents and validates them against ENR records and return them back to traveller.
  • In case of non-compliancy of typing the correct full passenger name (First name, Middle name and Surname), the traveller will have to pay for all the tickets plus penalty.
  • By the law number (277) for the year 1959 and its amendments that organize the traveling process for the ENR, It is illegal to buy tickets with the intention of reselling them and it is forbidden for a non ENR employee to sell tickets or offer them for sale, and whoever violates that will be subject to fine or imprisonment according to the law.

3- Cancel a Previous Reservation

  • The user can cancel a previous reservation from the Internet (each reservation has one or more tickets that some or all of them can be refunded)
  • The cancellation should be at least 24-hours before the train departure. After that the cancellation will not accepted
  • ENR deduct 25% of the value of each ticket in case of refund 48 hours before to the Trip
  • ENR deduct 50% of the value of each ticket in case of refund 24 hours before to the Trip
  • The value of the Service Charge will not be refunded
  • An email with the cancellation information will be sent to the user

4- Travel of Groups

The Tourist groups are not allowed to reserve from the Internet. Their Travel Agent in Egypt should contact ENR (Egyptian National Railways) central sales department - ramses square for further information where special travel and security arrangements are made.

5- Suspension of Service

  • ENR has the right to suspend the service for a specific user or credit card if it appeared that the user has violated the service Terms and Conditions or tried to manipulate the system.

6-IVR Service

  • Later You can use IVR service to make reservation , please contact for more details
For further information, please contact:
(Egyptian National Railways)
19468 (Egyptian Gateway)
Or Email support@enr.gov.eg